4 Tips for Organising Engaging Online Corporate Events

Corporate events that have to be held online for a long time due to quarantine measurements businesses now bring together their employees, customers, or business partners in a virtual environment. These events can be held for a variety of reasons, including providing motivation, strengthening internal relationships, making money, promoting a new product, or gaining customers. This article contains four suggestions for drawing attention to your event and reaching a larger audience!

1) Choose the Topic of Your Event

To organise an intriguing corporate event, you should first define your purpose. Then, select the theme of your event and effectively deliver your message to the participants. Do you want to organize an event to get new consumers, reward your employees, or build interdepartmental cooperation within your company? The event’s objective should be precisely specified because it will help you decide what event to organize and who to invite.

2) Find an Intriguing Speaker
Speakers are one of the most significant aspects of the events. 

A famous guest speaker will be notable if you present an event for your potential customer base. 

You can also select inspiring speakers from the industry. 

If you arrange your event within the company, you can appoint your senior executives as speakers and establish panels by bringing together various names. 

You can invite a speaker who is well-known and respected in the business to address potential investors.

3) Create an Inspirational and Remarkable Content Plan.

You must create an appropriate content plan for your event type and present it in the most eye-catching way. Organising presentations in a way that will not bore the audience during the meeting will bring the event to the fore. Since it is entirely up to you to present a boring meeting in an inspiring way and not to bore the participants, you can analyse your invited audience and create an event plan that suits them.

4) Offer Rewards at the End of the Event

Give importance to feedback and offer rewards that will make attendees leave your event happy. You can also create a poll for attendees at the end of the event. Including awards in your event will both help increase company motivation and make your event more interesting.

Brand New Feature From QuizModeOn: Visual Question Is Live!

QuizModeOn can be conveniently accessible online from all platforms on mobile and desktop without downloading any application. It is gearing up to double the excitement in online events with the launch of its fresh new feature: Visual Question! The application, which provides users with a highly competitive educational experience and displays the fast score and ranking changes thanks to the Live Application architecture, is constantly renewing and developing itself. The platform, which attracts tremendous interest from companies with its Voice Question and Sponsor Question capabilities, also allows its users to present inquiries as “Visual” with its latest version.

With Visual Answers Visually Present Answers to Questions!

“Visual Question”, one of the most anticipated features, has started taking place in online events. The new feature provides the opportunity to visually present the answers to the questions in the quiz to the contestants by going beyond the normal quiz dynamics to increase the fun in online events.

With the QuizModeOn Visual Question feature, you can create an entirely different experience for the contestants during the online quiz by presenting the questions visually. With this tool, you can double the enjoyment of your online quizzes while also increasing creativity and competition excitement!

With the Visual Question feature;

You can make it easier for participants by asking questions that better represent the answers graphically.

– By mixing visual questions with quiz questions, the participants will have more fun without getting bored.

You can highlight your brand and create brand awareness by adding content related to your corporate identity to the images.

-You can add excitement to your quiz experience by increasing the fun for your online activities! 😊

Tombola,  a game platform for all brands

Add excitement to your internal events with Tombola, which provides participants with an exceptional experience thanks to its brand-specific interface design!

Bingo provides a digital event solution for corporate events such as New Year’s Eve and term meetings, making it indispensable for New Year’s Eve entertainment. The platform, which is accessible from all mobile and desktop devices without the need to download an app, can be easily integrated into digital events using video conferencing applications.

The Bingo took its place in the New Year events of many brands last year, providing a more enjoyable and enriched user experience with its new-generation interface design.

Last year, Penti, Sahibinden, McDonald’s, Şişecam, Emaar, Roche, Schneider Electric, Pronet and many other brands entered the new year with the excitement of The Bingo.

Why Should You Prefer The Bingo for Your Corporate Events?

1-Brand-Specific Design

With The Bingo, you can offer your employees an enjoyable experience specific to your brand thanks to the unique interface design suitable for your brand’s corporate identity.

2-Online Platform

Since the cloud is a web-based online platform, you can access the game from all mobile and desktop devices without downloading an application and enjoy an activity without any problems.

3-Easy Accessibility

Compatible with PC, Tablets and all mobile devices, the platform offers easy access from all mobile devices without the need to download an application. Primarily during the pandemic period, it motivates employees in corporate companies with its online saving infrastructure for teams working from home.

4-Live Streaming

Thanks to its gamification dynamics, the platform provides the participants with an exciting, interactive, extraordinary experience. It provides an environment where everyone is not dull and has friendly competition.

5-Detailed Reports

Tombola offers access to detailed reports at the end of the competition.

6-Multi User

It provides a pleasant experience by keeping the team spirit alive with multiple participation in your in-house events. Thanks to its robust infrastructure, it is the chance to reach 10,000+ participants simultaneously.

For detailed information about Tombola, fill out the form, and we will call you! Enter the year 2022 with the excitement of The Bingo with lots of excitement and competition!